Wolfgang Schnerring

About Me

I'm a software developer, guitar player (my amp setup), and occasional cake baker. I live in Tübingen, Germany.

Some open source software projects are available on GitHub, and I write on Mastodon now and then.


Send me an email.

My PGP key ID is 0x60963B89B9216710, fingerprint 1FCE 7BB6 A4C0 29FA 0ED4 8473 6096 3B89 B921 6710, available on the usual keyservers.


  • My avatar photo was taken June 2021 by Gregor Renka in Tübingen/WHO.
  • The few lines of HTML are currently hand-written in Emacs, the CSS is powered by Bulma, and the amp illustrations were drawn with Inkscape.
  • I've cribbed quite a bit of homepage structure from Hynek Schlawack.
Photo of Wolfgang Schnerring